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Contacted PS and stated average cost for surg is $5100 including facility, surgeon and anestesia.  This seems a little high.  Is it?????   Area is Nashville TN

Post surgery
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no, that seems about right for the US..
i contacted a PS in seattle.. quoted $8,000 (without even seeing me)  :D (this smile is supposed to be sarcastic)..

but yeah, the US is generally around that much, but you might want wait for other people from TN to post..

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The issue is cosmetics and the person most responsible for the outcome is you, not the surgeon.

Do your own homework then go with a surgeon you can trust.  Price is secondary.
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I paid $3,200 here in Colorado by an incredible Surgeon, I would ask your regular doctor for his recommendation and trust his expertise.  Hope this helps.  

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i might be wrong but i heard in israel its about 10,000-12,000 NIS (New israeli shekels) dollar is about 4.5 so a surgery in israel should cost 2200$-2600$ I really don't think it says something about the quality because israel's technology is as advanced as the tech' in the US
maybe including the flight it might still be cheaper in israel  :-X
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My total fee was $ 9,300.00

That seems high but this PS is top notch and i was treated very well. This included everything surgeon fees, operating room fee, anethesia ( general ), Assistant that stayed with me from start to finish, two compression vests and so far i have had 4 post op appointments he just wants to make sure everything looks perfect, and i am only at almost 3 weeks post-op.

Procedures done all bi-lateral: Lipo of chest and around under arms, Gland excision, areola reduction

I am not having any problems with recovery, this guy has incredible creditials and is deffinetly one of the best.  
He doesnt specialize just in gyno correction but does around 20 a year. In alot of ways i think the fact that he doesnt do a ton of them he is extremely carefull. There i no question that he wanted to give me a flat masculine looking chest.

I didnt get any insurance reimbusment and i am not even going to try. Life is to short for that battle just to end up with nothing.

The surgeon is Dr. Shaun Parson in Scottsdale AZ,

There isnt to many good PS that do gyne correction in AZ Suprising!!
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i also had my surgery just over three weeks ago in the seattle area. my total cost was approximately 7k. i chose a ps that had experience with the procedure and had a good idea of what may be aesthetically 'pleasing.' i'm not sure what other people have done but i wanted to seek the advice and services from a female ps. i figured that a woman would know what looks good on a man. during the consultation i asked several questions about how she decides to work through the procedure. in the past when i had done research on the topic i would come across patient stories in which a ps would do a 'hack' job..and those PSs were primarly male. all things being equal, i made sure that when i was researching and screen PSs that they were appropriately qualified, experienced, and concerned about my needs. i just felt more comfortable having a 'woman's opinion' about what is aesthetically pleasing on a man and asked her to keep that in mind when working on me. What do other folks think?

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See what costs the most money in a surgery is the anestitia and the facility. If you find a surgeon who uses heavy sedated local anestitia and does it in their office you will find a much cheaper rate. That could range from about $2500-5500. General anestitia and an expensive hospital and surgeon could raise the cost to as much as $8000-10000. I got my surgery done for $4900 total and he did an expert rate job. He was one of the best and the price wasn't to bad. But, expect to pay around $4000-6000. Keep looking and find something that feels and costs right.

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Thanks for replies
I am still searching.  I want to find a doc in Nashville area or at least drivable to there that is qualified.  I am also looking for local plus sedation due to cost and risk.  Have not found one yet that fits my bill around here.  


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