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My PS left some fat/gland in above my pectorals in order to contour my chest. I am not built strong so my pectoral muscles are flat, I thought that this contour in men is supposed to be from muscle, not fat/gland. I've googled many photos of topless men, and they are almost all in great shape with strong pectoral muscles. Some men I have found online who have a skinny/average build have completely flat chests, or little to no contours. 

Was my PS right to give me these pectoral contours? or would it be better to have them completely flat? What will happen if I build my pectoral muscles up? won't that push out the fat and gland to make it look like gyneo again? 

Thanks a bunch. 


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As far as I know many surgeons leave a little bit of glad or fat there, because scar tissue will form and the nipple might get a bit 'stuck down' to the pec muscle which would create a dimple, but having a little bit of gland or flat keeps it looking normal if that happens.

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It is important that a small amount of fat be left under the skin of the chest so that the skin can "glide" over the underlying muscle.  If the fat is removed, then the skin may adhere to the muscle and there will be puckering.

Every surgeon has his own idea of how much remaining fat is appropriate.  In my practice, I like to leave a thin  but uniform pinch of skin and fat which is consistent from the collarbone down to the fold under the muscle. In most cases, the skin will then follow the contour of the underlying muscle (as bulky or as slender as it might be).

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Thank you Dr. Jacobs, that sounds better than what I had done. There was fat and gland left below my nipple to simulate a larger pectoral muscle I suppose, but it just looks like flat gyno to me. I am 7 weeks post op though, maybe it'll get better with time.

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