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If you went for 4 consultations locally within your area, and the Dr's only had 1 or 2 before/after photos, how can you be confident in the PS's work? All of them have told me that most men do not want their picture put out on the internet. Is this true or is the Dr. trying to hide something? ???


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that's true, but it doesn't answer the question.  ask him why he can't talk them into chest-only shots, that wouldn't be really recognizable.  or try a different attack, check if he's board certified, call up the board, and ask about other ways you could find out about patient satisfaction, like whether he gets an average kind of complaint rate etc. 

at least ask him or his assistant about how many gyne ops he did last year, that's a start. 
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The PS told me he does about 2-3 per mth. Do you think this is enough? Even though the PS only has a few pictures, I feel confident in his. He spent a good 45 minutes with me discussing options and such. Also, I came back for a 2nd consultation and he spent another 30-45 minutes with me. He seems to really care about the patient. I have already had excision and lipo. The PS told me my areola and nipple needs to be reduced. I did have the whole puffy nipple thing going on; however, I had excision and lipo and still puffy nipple. He told this operation needs to be tailored to the individual. Some procedures work better on some than others....This is my only option, since he said there is no tissue left!!!  ???

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4 a month is not enough,  go with someone with allot more experience


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