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Not spam, I'm not affiliated with GC2. It's just a great product I wanted to share because it has helped me out so much.

I've been wearing these compression tank tops for many years now. I wear them every day as an undershirt. They have substantially changed how I deal with my appearance on a daily basis, as I have not been able to afford surgery until now. I first found them many years ago on ebay, but they have grown and now have their own website. (Not an affiliate link because I'm not an affiliate). If you don't want to click the link you can also google "GC2 Compression".

Wearing daily, I usually get about 3 years out of a set of 5 shirts. I just wash them with regular laundry but they dry fast so you could hand wash them if traveling. They can (and should be) a little tight and difficult to get into but they stretch a little over time and once you wear them every day it's easy. I wouldn't wear them right after surgery because they would be too difficult to put on at first - I assume this is why the Dr. issued ones have a zipper.

For reference, I used to wear UnderArmor type shirts and they helped a bit but this compression tank top definitely does an amazing job at keeping everything hidden.



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