Author Topic: Can gynecomastia come back after gaining weight?  (Read 2677 times)

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I was wondering if you had gynecomastia surgery, can the gynecomastia come back if you gain some weight?

If so, how much weight we talking here? Like 50 pounds? 100 pounds?

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I believe that it could come back. The reason that I say this is some breast tissue is usually left to prevent having a concaved look where you once had breast.

Being over weight your body will produce more estrogen, so you would stand the chance of once again devoloping breast again.

On the other hand, that is also one of the first places that fat seems to deposit it self. There and around the waist.

I wouldn't have a clue on the amount of waist this would require!

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I was told by Mr Levick in my consultation that there was very little chance of gyne coming back unless you put on real significant weight (several stones), but then his procedure is to take out ALL glandular tissue despite any concaveness that may result (I think this is better so long as you are willing to weight train).

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I have several anecdotes to share, most of them concerning patients who had surgery and then gained weight.  One patient gained over 40 lbs after surgery!

In all of these patients, their chest -- after weight gain -- was still considerably improved over their pre-operative condition.  Did they put a bit of tissue back on their chest after significant weight gains?  Sure, but it was still much better than pre-op -- but not quite as good as their post-op condition at the lower weight.

Moral of the story:  yes, some tissue (mostly fat) will appear if you gain weight -- much as it would on other areas of your body.  On the other hand, most guys who go through gyne surgery are sufficiently motivated so that they keep their weight down -- and some even lose a great deal of weight, which makes their surgical results even better.

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