Author Topic: can a hight alt liver test cause gyne??  (Read 1339 times)

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when i get blood work sometimes my liver alt test fluctuates.. not too high , but is higher than the norm.  could this be the


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Good question.

Many lists of causes for Gynecomastia include liver disease.

Just as women have a small amount of Testosterone, men have a small amount of Estrogen. It is the liver that deals with the Estrogen and prevents it from becoming excessive.

If liver function is impaired, it is possible for the Estrogen level to become higher than normal.

The test itself is not a problem but impaired liver function can be a potential problem.

In the same way, anything that will impair liver function will contribute to Gynecomastia. Not surprising then that Gynecomastia is more common among heavy consumers of alcohol.
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