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Is there such a thing as low priced gyne surgery? Like a place that specializes in lower prices? Is India the way to go?


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Poland. There is a section in this forum for finging surgeons. You'll probably find more info there.

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I'd like to add that doing local anesthesia over general definitely lowers the price of the surgery.

My surgery was done on Oct 20th, 2014 by Dr. J. Craig Fielding in Toronto, Ontario.

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Somehow the concept of using cost as the primary consideration for selection of a Surgeon does not seem wise to me.

Most of the guys who are here complaining of bad surgical outcomes started in that way. Now they looking at paying top dollar for revision surgery.

Better to use reputation and experience as the criteria for selection of your Surgeon and only pay once.
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There is an old saying, "You get what you pay for."

Consider going to India or another foreign country for your gyne surgery?  You travel to a foreign country, have never met the surgeon, know nothing about the facility/anesthesiologist/general care.  And if something goes wrong, what do you do.  What legal recourse do you have?

Best advice is to do your homework, find an expert in gyne surgery near to you and have the surgery in the good ole USA.  This will still not guarantee a perfect result -- but you have improved your odds substantially.

Remember:  the results of your gyne procedure will be with you for a long time -- and long after the amount of the fee is forgotten.  If you have poor results from overseas, you will then have to seek revision surgery which is more expensive, more difficult and less predictable.

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