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has anyone had mammograms or intends to get one. I have been thinking about getting one. does anyone who knows will insurance or medicare pay for  one if your male


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Do not get mammograms!!  See my post at about thermograms instead, which are more sensitive, more accurate, less expensive, painless, and cannot cause any harm, even to pregnant or nursing women.

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Medicare paid for mine.  

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Yes, and it wasn't a big deal at all medically.  Insurance covered it, but mine was via a referral from my PCP.  As with all things insurance, you might want to try to ensure you stay "in network" and have such a referral for the procedure.  No clue how much it would cost out of pocket.  In my case, there was also a couple scheduled follow-ups with specialists, of which I only went to the first (thanks COVID).  For that one follow-up I followed through with it was just a small copay only.

If cost/insurance is a concern I suggest you contact your provider first to see if they will pay for this or require you to jump through a bunch of hoops before they will.

If you have any concerns about the procedure itself, it's kind of anti-climactic.  The tech will walk you up to a large machine and instruct you how to place your chest/breast in said machine correctly.  The machine then smushes you up a bit for a couple/few seconds to capture the images.  Rinse and repeat for the other side.

As a male, the only legit problem I encountered was after the procedure; I was subsequently (and quite unceremoniously) ferried into a dark corner of the facility where nobody could see me and given my clothes to put back on and told to sit on a bench.  I did press the staff on this and their explanation was that the women present may have a problem with me being there at all.  Kind of a lame excuse, but I understand.

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I had pretty much the same experience as Brock did above. This was in a smallish city of 50,000 or so. I asked if they get many men and was told “more than you’d think.”


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