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hi, im new to this forum i am 18 and i bought this medicine called Estrogenex
it says it reverses Gynecomastia.
i also bought skulpt but my concern is: will this medicine work?

if not what can i take that is cheap and not prescribed
please reply ASAP!


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There are a lot of people who are willing to make money from your desperation.  I am not aware of any medication that you can get without a prescription that is both safe and reliably effective.
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It might prevent it as it an eostrogen blocker but it won't reverse it.....sounds like snake oil.

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Give it a try and post your results!

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yeah man post post post your results!

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this isn't medicine

it is a supplement version of AI.. like armidex, fermera...

and it most likely will have little impact on your gyno alone.

this would be great to stack with something proven to reverse gyno.. like a SERM.  tamixfen/raloxifen

but alone, i doubt it will do anything but slightly supress your estrogen and slightly raise your test


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