Author Topic: Booked in for surgery 15th Dec  (Read 593 times)

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Less than a week to go until I get my surgery done, at 1st I was only going to have liposuction as my surgeon said there wasn't much gland and he could get good results by just doing lipo, I've been reading on forums and watching videos on YouTube that Lipo alone doesn't get rid of the gland tissue and that puffy nipple would still be present causing the problem to still be there, it was playing on my mind a lot so had another meeting with my surgeon who is now going to remove the glandular tissue aswell, only problem now is that by doing his I am told I will have to have drains attach, will this be a problem as I have 2 small kids and a bit worried they might pull them out unintentionally, has anyone had the drips in after their op ?  few pics before my op I've lost 1.5stone and still want to loose a further stone after op


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Good luck for tomorrow man!


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