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I had surgery in 2010 with Dr. Karidis and felt great for 18 months. But for the last 6 years I have suffered from a bloated abdomen, I have had every test under the sun, all negative, told it's all in my head etc. I'm just wondering since losing my moobs and the resulting change in the way I hold myself, posture etc - that this somehow altered my whole abdominal/diaphragm structure in a negative way? I suffered with moobs for 40 years, had a little period of freedom but know I just look pregnant all the time. Has anyone else had a similar experience? A week on a sun bed, drinking and eating to excess always results in me 'de-bloating' for a while, which leads me to think my muscular setup has changed since the op. Years of slouching to cover my moobs to walking tall has somehow damaged me physically. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading.


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It could be that your metabolism has slowed down. Mine's been slower lately too, so I'm on a very strict diet and exercise losing it. 

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There is no way that your gyne surgery, either directly or indirectly, would cause your abdominal problems.

Have you consulted with a gastroenterologist (GI) physician and a nutritionist to investigate?  You might get significant improvement with their guidance.

Good luck!

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