Author Topic: Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in karachi, Pakistan ?  (Read 291 times)

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Gynecomastia is becoming very common problem in Pakistan. It's been found that it doesn't go away with pills, creams or exercise. The only solution to is to go for surgery and get it removed it surgically with liposuction & gland removal.

Choosing a experienced and well qualified Gynecomastia Surgeon in karachi, Pakistan is another big challenge in your quest of getting rid of Gynecomastia.  

Waqar Hussain
Once victim of Gynecomastia

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It appears Dr. Hussain's emphasis is on reducing scarring, so those with not a large volume can be accommodated without scars showing. However in his web site he states:
"Older men or men who have lost a considerable amount of weight may still experience sagging or lax skin."
To me this implies that if the breast volume is large, he does not remove excess skin, which would produce visible scars.
I personally would live with the scars rather than sagging breasts.

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Beware of crater scars, seriously, they are worse than the original problem, I'm not joking.


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