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Hello Friends,

I am Nikhil, 24 y.o from Bangalore.. I have gynecomastia from the age of 14. I am over weight and I have flabby stomach.. I felt this was the right time to treat my condition and consulted Dr.Venkatesh M.S. He had seen my condition and suggested to undergo Gynecomastia surgery and Liposuction (Body Contouring). I did initial blood tests as suggested by the doctor and all seemed to be okay and we planned for the surgery. But due to one another emergency commitment, I had to cancel my surgery. All this happened on January. Then I happened to travel overseas for my work.  

Three weeks back, I came back to India. I read an article about hyper thyrodism last week. I feel I show most of the symptoms of hyper thyrodism. I planned to consult Dr.Venkatesh again. Now also I feel, I should see an endo first before consulting a plastic surgeon. Dr.Venkatesh was real good on his consultation (though he sounded a bit expensive - 90K for Gynecomastia and liposuction).

I'm in a dilemma,  ??? whether I need to consult an Endo first and then go for a plastic surgeon. Any suggestions would help me in making a decision..  ???


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One of the problems with reading medical articles is that we sometimes find ourselves exaggerating or modifying our symptoms to fit the disease we are reading about. This is especially true when we are looking for an explanation to a problem.

If you are correct and your symptoms do strongly suggest hyperthyroidism then you should have this checked out and treated before you proceed with surgery.

A rather simple physical exam, review of your symptoms, and a blood test should either confirm the condition or refute it.
Grandpa Dan


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