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Hey all,

I'm a 22 year old dude with what I believe is (asymmetrical) gyno. I really hate it and it has prevented me from going to pools and just taking my shirt off in general. When my nipples are cold they look allright. The gyno is especially pronounced in my left breast (see pics).
I went to the doctor and he says that I only have a small gland underneath my left nipple which means that they only would use lipo and not the standard surgery for gyno (this also means that the procedure will not be covered by my insurance :( ).
I've read several stories online which say that  lipo alone won't help enough and I really think I have a lot of glandular tissue underneath my left nipple so I don't think lipo alone would solve the problem. I'm at a very low % of body fat, about 9% which makes it less believable for me that it's only fat..... I've been very skinny my whole life and right now I'm 68 kg at 1,78 cm.
I'm curious what you guys think? I'm thinking about going to another doctor for a second opinion....

Oh I've also had my hormones checked and they said that the hormone levels were normal


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Most of the time, both lipo and open gland excision are required -- but there are a few exceptions.  When I approach surgery with a patient, I am prepared to do both -- and the decisions on whether to do gland excision are made during surgery and after the lipo is done.  If there is still solid tissue under the areolas after lipo, then gland excision is done.  If I was able to get everything out to my satisfaction (and I am much harder to please than the patient) with lipo alone, then no further gland excision.  Bear in mind, I use my own specially designed, sharp  and very aggressive cannulas for lipo.  Nevertheless, I still do gland excision in more than 80% of my cases.

You should absolutely make sure that you see a surgeon who is adept and comfortable in doing both lipo and gland excision at the same time -- a two stage approach is not necessary.

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You only need gland removal, from your photos you have very little fat.

Good luck


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