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Can anyone tell me if they have bad armpit pain or discomfort with gyno? I got a bit of gyno 6 or 7 years ago due to some steroid use in my twenties. In the last 6 years i never had any issues with pain in my nipple area until recently. It came out of no where. I have a small lump the size of a pea which I've had for years but now It's giving some pain along with armpit discomfort on and off during the day. Can this be related? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Yes, I have feelings of discomfort and heat in the armpit area.

My gyne is still developing, approx 6 months in, either caused by Domperidone or Idiopathic.

Discomfort waxes and wanes, also get itching and soreness in the breast area.

I would advise getting checked out by a doc as armpit pain could also be something more sinister than "simple" gynecomastia.



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