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Hello guys. My gyne was induced by an anti hairloss drug. A recent (2months) and mild case. I've been on Arimidex + Andractim for more than 1 month. Any soreness has disappeared but progress is very modest. The nipples remain puffy. My doc prescribed some additive drug to lower the prolactin level that some bloodtest proved to be high. Besides,I insisted upon his prescribing some nolvadex in case arimidex should not be that effective. I am going to give arimidex some more time. Maybe the "anti prolactin" drug will help it.
1) Has anyone ever heard  of this necessity to lower prolactin in order to succeed in resolving a recent gyno ? Can it make some real difference?
2)Should  I replace arimidex with nolvadex or stack one with the other as some advise? What daily doses of each then? Opinions happen to be very divisive about those 2 drugs.

Thank you.



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