Author Topic: Are there any non-surgical ways to reverse this?  (Read 622 times)

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I'm a thin/slender 31 year old.  I'm 155 lbs and 6 feet tall.  I have slight gynecomastia (not sure the stage, I have pics on the picture forum) on my left pectoral that developed seemingly out of the blue this past fall.  I really can't afford the surgery right now, and I've been wondering if there are any ways to reverse the gynecomastia without going under the knife.  As fast as it came, I can only assume that if I change my habits (for one, I've stopped drinking, or keeping my drinking to none) that it can possibly go away just as quick.  I haven't even had this gyno for a year yet.  Come this October, it will have been a year.

I'm really frustrated with this and want to put it in my past.  I've never thought I'd come down with this.  


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I have had patients with stories similar to yours.  First, don't start to analyze and think that there was something you did or didn't do to stimulate your gynecomastia.  The vast majority of these cases are idiopathic, which means we simply don't know.  Further, very rarely does this situation improve spontaneously.  Surgery can help and remove the excess tissue -- but you have to be ready for it emotionally and financially.

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I understand. Who knows.  Maybe the other side will grow too.  An implant could even things out. But I suspect that one is one too many rather than one too few. Ramakrishna, one of the Great Swan Yogi's that revived non dualism was a devotee of Shiva with one sided gynecomastia.  Shiva has a male form and the alchemically transformed form of male with breast or breasts (both shown, various renditions" to represent the alchemical marriage of male and female aspects.  I don't suppose you want to become a Yogi devotee of Shiva.?  It is non surgical something you can do that can change the meaning of breasts for a person.  One other thing.  It is clear from reading about him that it is very clear he had serious B12 deficiency, probably genetic and probably affected in various ways all his life including puberty, like me.  I had several peculiar growth patterns.  Low B12 and cofactors that a deficiency of any of a half a dozen items can affect the generation of hormones and growth.  I had several sudden halts to growing, I have the lower body of somebody 5'10" or so and the upper body and arm length of somebody 6'8.  I had Osgood Schlatters disease, a bone growth happening.  Being here I of course grew breasts starting by age 11.  And the lack of the same nutrient group also can leave people depressed and increases fatigue and often a muscle tiredness.  Low copper in the body can decrease testosterone.  I don't know what caused your situation and I don't think correcting it will change your situation except for mood and other things but not likely to change your gynecomastia situation.  Good luck and good health.


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