Author Topic: Are there any hormonal changes that occur after removing the glands?  (Read 403 times)

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I have read an old post on this forum, that I cant find anymore. Were OP mentioned that his hormones changed and fluctuated significantly after removing the gynecomastia glands.

Can someone please share any information on the potential hormonal changes that occur after Gynecomastia gland removal?


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Breast tissue (gland) is not hormonally active.  Thus there should be no hormonal changes after your breast tissue is removed.  However, there may be other unrelated changes in your body due to other factors which might affect your hormones.

Best to check with an endocrinologist if you suspect any problems..

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Thank you soo much Doc. The author mentioned that there was SIGNIFICANT changes to his hormone panel after removing the glands. I am afraid of hormonal changes after removing the gland, especially if it will impact estrogen and other hormones, that have an impact on preventing issues such as heart disease...


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