Author Topic: Are surgeries worth on overweight people ?  (Read 365 times)

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Hello to all, i just have a question in my mind.

As you know, the adipose (fat) tissue able to convert testosterone to estrogen by aromatising, and then, increase the estrogen levels all over body.

My question is, if an overweight person had a surgery, does his breast tissue (most surgeons, including mine left a little bit of tissue to prevent any unwanted deformation) more likely to regrow ?
What is your opinion about this, also is there any overweight person that experienced regrowth after the surgery ?


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I am not a medical professional so my opinion is that of simply another person like yourself. 
That said, My personal opinion is that the most satisfactory results will be obtained if you present yourself for surgery in the best physical condition possible.  If all you wanted was a degree of improvement, I think you probably did get that.  but a better and more complete contouring of the chest could have been obtained after significant weight loss.
For a more accurate and complete answer, post your question in the "Ask a Doctor" section of the forum.  There are several really good surgeons who respond to questions in that section.
Grandpa Dan


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