Author Topic: Anyone who had surgery, get in here.  (Read 3459 times)

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lypo & excision for me; worked great.

No regrets at all despite being expensive, its something I wanted to change.

The OP was nothing really tbh. Its more the fear of it than anything else & of course the weight of expectations post-op; it can be difficult for alot of blokes. All you can do is get in shape, find the best surgeon for this particular operation & try & raise the cash.


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Just a few words of advice from my experience.

First and foremost be absolutely sure of the PS you choose.   I made the major mistake of choosing a PS who didn't do a ton of gyno.  (I didn't press him hard enough and he as very generic on his responses.)  I had a pretty severe case and the results were extremely disappointing.  There was a lot of tissue left.  Even worse, with part of the tissue removed, my remaining gyne was tear drop shaped and droopy. I continued to wear tight tee shirts, layer and hated how I looked without a shirt even more.

I did the full research I should have done the first time and got some second opinions.  15 months later, I had the surgery done by another PS.  While I think the results will be great (still recovering), I essentially paid double the cost.

Financially you have to do what makes sense for you. Plastic surgeons usually expect full payment at your pre-op visit.   They all accept CareCredit and major credit cards.   CareCredit has a 6/mo and 12/no no interest plan.  Ideally you probably want to save up and pay it all off at once.  Fortunately my annual bonus covers the cost, so I used CareCredit and paid it off in full when it came around.


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