Author Topic: Anybody regret not getting the pull-through technique instead of areolar?  (Read 159 times)

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Hi there.

I had surgery a couple of years ago with a top NY surgeon.  I needed a revision on the right side.  And this year I had the areolar scar revised.  Currently it looks good, but you can still see fine scars.

I'm just venting here and kind of regretting not seeing a surgeon who does the pull-through technique, where everything is done through a tiny incision in the armpit area.  I wonder why not many surgeons do it that way and save patients living with those scars (I heard it is more time consuming, so may be that's why).  My case was grade 2 which could have been done.  I know I am the only one to blame for making that decision, but does anybody else feel the same? 



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Not at all, my surgeon did a great job with the areolar technique + side lipo. It's been a year and a half since mine and the scarring isn't even noticeable. 

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There are any number of proffered methods to deal with gynecomastia.  Every surgeon does what he is comfortable with and which provides the best results in his hands.  What matters is the expertise of the surgeon and the eventual results for the patient.  No method is superior to all other methods -- it lies within the hands of the surgeon.

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