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Hi, this past November I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. At 22 years old my symptoms have been low testosterone high prolactin with occasional lactation and I have about B to C cup breasts. I am on cabergoline and it seems to be helping some. I was wondering if anyone else on here has had this issue and what their results have been? Also if you think a compression garment or bra will help? Or if even using a breast pump will help with lactation issues?


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Hi Kam and welcome to the forum!
While I don’t seem to have a pituitary problem, I do have a prostate problem and have experienced recent growth due to meds. 
As to wearing a controlling garment, that’s entirely up to you. It really depends on where you are in your head. I’m in the control and comfort stage of my acceptance and wear a bra. Some people go for surgery. 
How much are you lactating? A bra with inserts for pads might help till you get that under control.

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Just depends. usually I lactate in small amounts. Mostly happens when the area is stimulated such as clothes rubbing against my nipples or touching my chest.

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Help do what?  Some people wear bras for support so they don't move as much and keep nipples from rubbing on shirts.  Others wear compression bras smash things in so they are less noticeable.  Most guys that have posted an opinion on compression garment or bra say they are uncomfortable, and don't wear them.  Many guys wear an encapsulated bra.  Some wear them for comfort, others so they are less noticeable, and others so they look more feminine.

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Personally, I find a bra supports me better, and without the mashing of a compression vest.

I imagine that engorgement, and or mastitis are not comfortable, and hence the request for help. I am unsure of any remedies to get the lactation to stop, beyond talking to an obgyn.

I have not lactated, so I don't have personal experience. It would seem that if one uses a pump or hands to express milk, that this would essentially tell the body to continue or increase lactation. Non birth parents have been using a pumping  and nutrition regimen for a long time to prepare for feeding their child.

This may help
Galactorrhea - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic


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