Author Topic: Any good excuses for missing work due to surgery?  (Read 21415 times)

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The best I've heard was: "Had a growth removed, Non-malignant, Thanks for Caring."

This has several advantages, not least of which being that it is true even if a bit misleading.

What was said previously about quitting should be taken seriously but not literally. One of the advantages of a youthful employee is their fresh approach, another is enthusiasm. Conversely, an older employee is often more reliable and less apt to call in sick. Any employer with a brain knows that.  If you are getting grief for legitimate absences from work, you should quietly but surely be looking for a new position.  If you are not having fun at work, you are in the wrong job.

This too has two sides. No matter how great you are when you are at work, you're of no value when absent. When I was a supervisor, I had no problem with an employee who had a single absence due to illness which lasted two weeks, But I fired a person who had five absences due to illness in one year- each for one or two days after which he came to work with a hangover.
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I am looking for a job now and have a couple of interviews set up.  I didn't realize the level of micromanagement when I signed up for this job four months ago.

I like working and like getting a paycheck even more...and I will not just quit unless I have another job lined up.

Incidentally, I learned today that I will not be able to use any vacation days or sick days for my absence (I am actually in the negative sick day column from an earlier strep throat.)

I am having my surgery regardless and will take two non-paid days off next week.  Welcome to life!

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Awesome advice...I think I'll quit tomorrow.  Who cares about the mortgage payment, except for the bank?!

Not as hard as you thought, was it?

Good luck.


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