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hey there i had my surgery 3 weeks ago and im pretty happy except i can feel i have some scar tissue on both sides. what are my options to getting rid of this or is there anything i can do to help reduce it? ive heard of people getting injections, whats that all about?


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your PS can give you cortisone/steroid injections (don't worry not the type of steroids that affect hormones)

I think you can get them at any time.  I had them at the 5 month mark and the scar tissue went down 50% or more...possibly all of it, it's hard to tell cuz i have a bit of gland still left which I'm gettin cut out soon.

Everyone develops scar tissue, so don't worry too much yet...if it doesn't start going away after 6 months, then start to worry...personally I'd get the shots ASAP, like as soon as the PS will give u them


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