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how long do i have to wait?
and what would alcohol have to do with sore muscles?

also, my entire left side of my chest is purple
the right is only a little
damn its sore!and the left side looks slightly different from the right


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As long as you're 'legal', there's no reason why you couldn't have a few pints or whatever you pleasure is.

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after surjury aclohol slows your repairing functions thus ull heal longer be sore longer.

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I'd wait at least a week before you start drinking again. After that I don't think it will matter very much.

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I'm not a doctor or anything so don't take what I say for 100% accuracy since this is just my guess:
It'd make sense why alcohol would impede the recovery since alcohol thins our your blood which means less nutrients are able to get to your muscle in a concentrated form. Then, since alcohol can dehydrate (as it is an anti-antidiuretic) you, it would make sense that your body would not be able to function as well since it needs water (for example, ever run without drinking water for awhile?).

Maybe you should ask your surgeon how long you should wait? That seems like the most logical course.
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