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I am 26 and I have suffered with gynecomastia my entire life. Because of it, I never wear anything but black tops ever. I have worn black tops everyday since I was about 13. It makes me feel not as self-conscious because my gyne is not as visible in black. It has become a huge crutch.

I had just started a new job where the uniform is a white dress shirt. While I was trying on white shirts at a store, I almost had a panic attack. It was terrible. Anyway, I have been wearing a Spanx compression tank that I have, but it is very uncomfortable and the job is quite physically-demanding, so it can get pretty bad. Even with it on, I am self-conscious about my gyne. I am considering looking for another job, but this job makes great money. I need to save money for surgery, and also, I need to lose about 20 pounds, both of which I would be able to achieve if I stick with this job.

What should I do? Is there a more comfortable way to effectively hide my gynecomastia? or should I just quit and look for a different job where I can wear my own clothes?


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Try some diff compression garments. Insta Slim has one on Amazon. You're gonna be uncomfortable for a bit. Think of it like suffering for a greater cause.

Im all about making plans. If I were in your shoes I'd "and this is just me".

1. Move into a friends garage or anything free if possible.
2. Eat egg whites, cans of tuna and rice mostly.
3. Start losing weight so when you have surgery it'll be a smooth transition to your Friends eyes.
4. Work out.

This sounds very familiar to me. You'll have the money in no time. You'll be in great shape when you have surgery. You'll be ripped after surgery. This is do and nothing else focus. Now i can breath.

Good luck

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I mean this in the best way, but...

Suck it up.

Look at the end goal. It might be one or two years from now - saving the money, losing the weight, getting the procedure done - but it sounds like it would be worth it for you.

So - put up with what you have to do to get there. I'm telling you - once you have it done you won't look back....


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