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I would like to state that it’s been about 18 months since my Gynecomastia surgery. My life has changed for the better in so many ways. I’ve been to the Bahamas, Punta Cana, Curacao, and Cancun after it and I’ve been proud with my shirt off. I lost about 15 lbs since the surgery so I have a nice lean stomach to boot. After my surgery (with a NJ Doctor), I was very nervous about the swelling that had occurred and thought the work was sub-par. After a couple months, I started considering a revision. My initial surgeon said to wait it out every time I explained my disappointment (which was every other week). I met with a couple other surgeons who all said that a revision should be done. I was emotional and in some way vulnerable to all the suggestions I received from other surgeons. They all stated that they could improve the appearance and talked negatively about the surgeon who did the work……..except for one. I met with Dr. Elliot Jacobs about 7-8 months after the first surgery and was impressed with his complete and total honesty. Dr. Jacobs did a full examination and was extremely thorough. He said that my chest looked very good and there more swelling could subside and jokingly said it looked almost as good as his work. He told me that a revision was completely out of the question because it could cause cratering. I remember how laid back he was and how comfortable I felt in his office. I thanked him for his time and as I was leaving, he gave me one of his books (all about men and keeping there competitive edge). His generosity and patience with me was overwhelming and his honesty made me believe how some Doctors are just in a class of there own. If anyone is considering this surgery now or in the future, you would be doing yourself an injustice by not meeting with him. Remember, this post comes from someone who wasn’t even his patient.


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Thank you so much for this peace of mind. I went to Dr. Jacobs myself and it's been one week post op. While I'm not doubting the doctors work, its just very depressing to see that my nipples still poke out a bit. I'm keeping a positive mood however because the swelling in my chest is subsiding very slowly and I'm certain my nipples swelling will go down as well.

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so in the end, did your swelling go down and you were eventually happy with it?

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Dr. Jacobs is a real pro. I'm VERY glad I chose him.


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