Author Topic: 6-OXO to Battle Estrogen & Gyn  (Read 13527 times)

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I agree with hypo. People who use gear are mugs. I do a huge amount in the gym and you can get fit and strong without them. Just by eating right and training hard.

Two guys who use gear I know have had bad reactions . One young bloke my age went all psycho and twatted a copper and ended with a spell in the loon bin for a month. The shrinks said it was the gear.

The other who owns my gym has had all sorts of health problems and his doctor has said that gear use while he was a bodybuilder was a factor.

I think if you want to be that huge you might as well attach an airpump to your muscles. just give yourself a quick pump up everytime you want.

I have some sympathy if you want to compete in pro contests   but the guys who just do it to 'get big' are f@cking stupid.


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