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4 weeks ago I had my gyno surgery.
Gland removal and lipo.

Originally I went for my consultation and was told I’d have a small incision under each nipple and lipo to remove excess fat.

The day of the operation, approximately an hour before surgery the surgeon told me due to my nipples being puffy I’d need them removed and the excess skin cutting away!

Now 4 weeks later I have two very different sized/shaped nipple’s and an odd shaped chest.

I need to lose some weight, maybe a stone, I’m 5’9” 13 stone, but I can’t see that making a huge diffence!

I also have thick scar tissue under the skin in a ring around both nipples!

I’ve been looking around the forum and at before and after pictures and my gyno wasn’t as bad as a lot on here who still only had small incisions!

I don’t understand why he removed my nipples and reattached them 😫


**I’m sorry I can’t upload pics from my phone I will try on my laptop tomorrow



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