Author Topic: 3 days post op, liquid behind left nipple?  (Read 2550 times)

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hey guys i have just had surgery 3 days ago, gotta say this recovery is far tougher then i thought it would be lol

anyways i have notives in the last day that it feels like there is fluid behind where i belive my left nipple to be under my bandages, when i move i can feel it sloshing about and its more tender then the other side.

when i first had the operation done my drains removed hardly any fluid and the doctor said this was a possitive sign, but now im worried about it.

can anyone shed any light on this? thanks  :(


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Contact your doctor. It can be infection or its the fluid which discharges from healing. But DO talk to your doctor just to be on the safe side.

Good luck.

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I too had fluid in both sides after the surgery and when I massaged it hard I could hear it moving. In fact one night I slept on my side (even though I was told not to) and I swear I could hear the fluid moving out of one side and back to the other when I got up.

Key thing is that went in about 6 weeks
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I too experienced the fluid in chest symptoms you describe. I didnt think to mention it to the surgeon, but it went away after about a week.

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I'm 2 weeks post surgery and I have some fluid behind my left nipple too. My surgeon told me not to worry about it as it should go on it's own. If it hasn't receded or has gotten bigger by next week, he'll aspirate it. Speak to your surgeon and ask him what he recommends.


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