Author Topic: 2 Different Diagnostics Surgeon VS Endocrinologist  (Read 1743 times)

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2 Different Diagnostics             Surgeon VS Endocrinologist

When I 1st visited MD [surgeon], looking to lump by physical examination, no lab reports.

He diagnosed as Gyno. Suggested me surgery. When I asked for alternate prescribe me some hormone medicine.

Which I have not taken as got mix review about it from different doctor.

Now after 2 years I consulted endocrinologist. They said it is not Gyno. It only fat.

Ya, there is lot of fat. But I feel small semi soft lump also near nipple are.

But as per them this is because of fat.

As per them gland will be of round shape exactly below nipple.

Is it so. Round shape of lump is major factor in deciding gland ?

Some time I feel puffy/swollen nipple. Like fluid accumulated below nipple area. When I press over there it disappear. Is it normal?


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Try and lose some weight, it'll be a lot easier to tell if you have gyne or not that way.


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