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Hi again ,

thnx to the ones who replied my msg of last week. I am the one who was confused abt Vaser Lipo method.
I had seen 2 other docs from that time and decided to have operated with one of them .
the reson why I choosed him is to see one of his patients who was there for first control after surgey ( only 3 dys ) he had both lipo and nipple gland taken . Altough it was only after 3 days there was no swelling and bruises at all . the scar under niplle was evident but not disgusting. He told me that he even could drive to the dr by himself without any pain. the only thing is that he was expecting to have his drains taken , however dr insisted not to take them for 3 more dys . So total 6 days with drain for such a clean operation seems to be needless isn't it ?

In the mean time , I had seen other pics of his operations done within this year , all seems to be welldone. I am sure the bad ones are not in the computer anyway :)  but another matter in my mind is that , he does not give any garment like the ones I had seen from this site. usualy every one wears these vests for 2-3 weeks but this dr told me that it's not needed. He will only bandage me after surgey for 3 dys and will put another bandage for oanother 3 days if he does not take the drains on the first control.

We will take the pics before surgey and I will attach them together with the ones taken 3 dys after surgery , I hope all will go well and I will pass to the ' other side '

waiting some advises for the experienced ones before having the surgery , not dr. did not tell me anything abt scare tissue and massaging so far.




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