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Dude... ya gotta chill a tad. GRS is not a Life-or-Death procedure. For most, it's a very simple day surgery. I'm sensing too many 'Negative Waves' from your posts... Think about all the 'positives' that will result from GRS. Trust me my man, life is awesome on the 'Other Side'...  ;)

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I think that many people have a mental image of an operating room as being awash in blood etc.

Such ideas may be due to the presence of TV at accidents and in Emergency Rooms Where severe trauma is shown.

Operating rooms are in stark contrast to those images. Blood loss is slight in most surgical procedures.

My youngest daughter had heart surgery and her total blood loss amounted to about one tablespoonful.

If you have ever cut a finger, You probably lost more blood then than you will having breast reduction surgery.
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