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In some other posts, I have referred to putting on weight during the pandemic and my breasts getting even bigger as a result.  As some of you pointed out, I am now spilling out of some of my bras.

Here is a bare breasted picture that gives you an idea of my weight gain and further increased breast size.  It is not a flattering pic :( But I think it is illustrative, although I admit I am leaning forward, which accentuates things.



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Not a flattering pic? Those are honestly beautiful breasts. Very nice, round and full

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I think that you have nice breasts and would be proud to have breasts like that.   

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What exactly was your expectation here? You have (frankly marvelous) female breasts that you should be proud of if you like them, but that also means you should expect to deal with weight gain as a female would in regard to your chest.  Women's breasts will tend to enlarge as they gain weight/age, my poor wife is now up to a 34DDDD (aka G), are men that happen to have breasts expected to be any different?

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  • it is what it is
Looks like mix of fat and gyno to me, but it is what it is
just an older gyno sufferer

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I agree.  Fat and gynecomastia.  And I feel and look best in a bra. 


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