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Hi i'm a 18 year old obese guy and  started to try to reduce weight about 7 weeks ago.Well as a result of my obesity lot of my testestorone is getting converted to estrogen.As a result of which my face looks realy feminine/childish and immature and i have no moustache,chest hair,and on the whole dont look manly or like an 18  year old.I rather look like a 12-13 yearold(except for my body size).As a result of the conversion i also have gyno.Its not late puberty because i've had pubic hair,hair in armpits since 14.And sex drive since 13.
My testestorone levels are that of an adult.So are my growth/thyroid ect.
Puberty is progressing but very slowly.I've had my voice change and growth of beard about an year ago.On the whole i look verry weird.My doctor doesent want to give any estrogen blocker as it'd cause oestroporosis(affect my bone).
I wuz wondering if anyone else here is suffering from such hormonal problem because of  obesity or had gone through the same thing when they were obese.(this conversion doesent seem to happen in everyone that is obese.It mainly happens in people having lot of abdominal fat,and the feminine appearance comes only if one has lots of abdominal fat before puberty.Atleast thats what i can gather from little infromation i could gather from internet on this and from what i've seen).

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From being obese. I have big breasts and a big backside. So of course I looked feminine. But as for puberty. I got my deep voice junior year and i finally got facial hair senior year.

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if your estrogen levels are higher than normal for a guy your age, i'd HIGHLY recommend seeing another doc.

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if i were you id see an endocrinologist, this is exactly what they specialize in, and not just your regular me
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That's I was sent to before I had surgery. Endocrinologist's definitely know their stuff.

Surgery Date: 6/06/06
Surgeon: Dr. Elliot Jacobs M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S., P.C.
Procedure: Liposuction and incision under the nipple.
Cost: $6,500
Discovery Health: Plastic Surgery Before and After I was featured in:


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