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You've mentioned before bringing your wife to the thread and being concerned about what she would encounter.  I don't understand why you would WANT to invite her to this website.  If you want to simply educate her to what gynecomastia is you can show her the Mayo Clinic pages describing the condition and the Breast Life article titled Why Guys Wear Bras Instead of Going Under the Knife

This is a website where you have the opportunity to explore your feelings and needs.  Absolutely, men here are each finding their own relationship to the simple fact of having breasts but this is not one size fits all.  You know what you want so it hardly matters that some men wear panties because they are more comfortable, or women's jeans because the same hormones that gave them breasts affected other parts of their bodies.  Since that isn't relevant to you, share with her what will help make your case.  I take it you don't want to go under the knife.  If you did and money is a problem, you could say that to your wife and the two of you can find a way to save or borrow the money.  If you don't want surgery but do want the support of a bra... the resources above will get you there and you don't need to introduce her to this site.  I certainly am not sharing this with anyone else, even though I've told a few people about my breasts.

Yes, this is a dicey topic for a number of reasons.  I think it best that all of our complex and evocative conversations be kept among us.

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Hell I wouldn’t mind if joining you had to have a picture of what you’re dealing with accepting and living with to show you aren’t just lurking but actually can contribute based on experience. But idk. I’m just talking lol
Just to have fun with this;

We could have the "Gyno Adjudication Council", or "GAC". Prospective new members here would submit 3 different views of their chest with and without their favorite bra on to the GAC that would the rule if your gyno was significant enough to join. 

I can see some of the replies now; 1) Are you kidding, that's only an AA cup at best. Come back after you grow some more. 2) Nice rack, you're in. 3) Breasts forms! Nice try weirdo. 

If the bra fits, wear it.

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Got a smile out of me with that one Blad... :P

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My niece.   Then the other half. 

Even an old friend told me to wear one. 

So... I have nice collection of sports bras now. 

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Aren’t you glad they suggested and you followed their advice? What do they say now ?


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