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Have been traveling with the wife for the past year. Going home next month and we’re probably going to see friends we haven’t seen in awhile. We’ve spent some time seeing the country. There have been some changes this last year, in my chest size (now 42D), lost some weight and the fact I now need to wear a bra full time. 
I have learned how to camouflage well, but if I spend any significant time with them I’m sure they might pick up on the changes. Good friends probably won’t care, but...  What are your thoughts?

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My experience has been that if you present yourself as you always have, friends usually will not notice or say anything.

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I simply did a discomfort motion and when asked I simply told my niece and sister what was going on. 

My niece looked at me and said.. they suck don't they!  
Well now you know what its like... 

She was being sarcastic, but at least for me, no one really cares. 

i suspect that if your up front with a nonchalant attitude, they may well take it that way. 

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You could always throw a "Busting" out party! Burgers, dogs, beer and good friends.
Happy to be busted.

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Hehehe... good one Charlee! 😂

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I spent a short time this afternoon with the one woman friend with whom I've shared my recent adventure with wearing a brassiere.  We chatted about the election and other current events.  Only as we were about to part did she ask if I was wearing.  I said yes and observed she wasn't...  We shared a laugh.  I read on crossdressing sites about the men who come home from work and the first thing they do is put on a brassiere and other garments... while their wives arrive home and instantly take off their brassieres.  I know this is a different situation, but the question of how we talk with friends about it all is complex.  I don't expect to be wearing a brassiere all the time, at least not at this stage, so it is less an issue than from men who always are dressed.  What a strange reality we all inhabit...


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