Author Topic: how to hide gyno (quick help please)  (Read 7585 times)

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i heard compression shirts work

i work out a lot so my chest sticks out more anyways it sucks

i hate this but cant get surgery rght now

is there anyway to hide it? i don't care if it looks bad shirtless (it obvi will)

i just care about how it looks with a shirt on, or a few, i tried a wife beater, a thin one, but it sticks right through

is there anyway to actually hide this shit darn

its like a solid mass under my nipple soi think it'll always stick out no matter what

i wish my whole chest stuck out that much so it didn't look like man boobs, my puffy nipples can't be hidden

i heard compression shirts, which is the best, do they work?


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Yes, compression shirts work. But you're in the gynecomastia acceptance subforum, thus no answer. Many of us wear bras but not compression shirts to hide gyne.
For example on there are a lot of shirts and chest binders.
A bra is just an article of clothing for people with breasts.

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Compression shirts work, but I found them uncomfortable and I do not wear them.

Knit shirts and tees are out except as undergarments. For outer wear, use a buttoned up shirt that is loose rather than fitted and worn loose rather than tucked in.

Generally speaking, patterns are better than solid colors but there are exceptions.

Generally, Plaids are better that prints but again some exceptions here.

My Favorites are the Guyabera shirts. These are sometimes called Mexican Wedding shirts. They are usually of solid colors but they have vertical patterns and pleats. They also usually have four pockets with flaps that help conceal. And they are made to be worn loose rather than tucked in.
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Compression shirts get awfully hot in the summer.  How bad is bad? 

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I live in the south where it's warm year around. Here, I find that Hawaiian shirts work pretty well.  There are usually colorful prints that hide a bra outline.


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Here is an alternative tank top :

I would be considered a 40B and it hides me quite well.


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I wear the light compression shirts from Underworks under button up shirts and the ultimate chest binder under tshirts.  I love the ultimate the best except for when it rolls up.  It doesnt like to stay tucked into my pants.  I'm going to try the ultimate tri-top next.  Theyre both pretty cool (I live in florida) and comfortable.  The ultimate feels like a constant hug, I love wearing it and there's nothing visible outside of the tshirt.


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