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I will stop after this post otherwise this whole topic will get diverted.

I am not sure where you live but if you are in the US, it may be just a classic case of us being divided by our different usage of a common language.

No, I am not confused at all
I am not sure where you live but if you are in the US, it may be just a classic case of us being divided by our different usage of a common language.
I am English and refer to the  Oxford English dictionary (in this case the learners edition which gives rather more expansive definitions )
A transvestite is defined as someone who "enjoys dressing as woman" . Men on this site wearing bras are not wearing them for enjoyment but for practical reasons nor are they wearing them to be womanly. We are NOT crossdressers or transvestites. They are often (especially in the early days) not enjoying it and are certainly not dressing AS women
When I wear a skirt in hot weather it is because it is cooler ..... PERIOD.

I find transvestite just as offensive as crossdresser they have the same meaning. Look at a thesaurus  and you will find they are synonyms !! The other options are even more offensive (closet queen, drag queen etc etc) and should not be used of anyone on this site. It is highly inappropriate

If you can't grasp that I will leave you to argue with yourself

Call Scots transvestites or crossdressers and you will have all the clans after you.
If you do the same for women in trousers you will have the whole feminist movement after your blood

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Interesting discussion. Since we're going by published definitions here's what Wikipedia says. 

Wiki -

Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, and self-expression in modern times and throughout history.

According to wiki, the term applies to the guy who wears a bra or a skirt strictly for comfort.

Read the whole entry:

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Wiki has not been updated for guys who grew boobs beyond their control and need a bra like anyone else who has boobs.
If the bra fits, wear it.

boobs are normal

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Thanks blad.
To all who completely miss the point as to why the terms transvestite and crossdresser are so insulting to most or all of the men on here, google the two terms and look at the images that come up.
Not withstanding any dictionary definition this is the group you wish to associate us with seemingly even to those who  are just wondering about bra wearing . This is what the words mean to Joe Public!  There enough prejudice in society without members here chipping in

Now apologise
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Literally speaking, if you (a man) wear a bra or any other female piece of clothing then that's by definition crossdressing.  Of course the intention behind it differs, and the degree to which you crossdress differs (I think it's safe to say you guys don't go all out, and you don't do it for the purpose of looking female or getting a kick out of it).  But crossdressing means wearing clothes of the opposite sex (as the definitions in gmast's post also indicate).

I mean let's face it.  Having breasts is not a normal thing for a man (I know not everyone will agree, but think about it a bit).  Breasts are there to feed offspring, and it's a female secondary sexual characteristic.  Just because some men end up with breasts does not make it normal (and environmental factors that cause average testosterone levels to be abnormally low and estrogen levels to be abnormally high also don't make it normal).  Now for the reason why I said that, since breasts (this also goes for wide hips, but that's not really what the discussion is about) are by all rights a female characteristic, that makes a bra a female piece of clothing.  Of course the purposes of a bra relate to having breasts, and those purposes make a bra relevant for a lot of us, but strictly speaking it's still female clothing.

The same actually held true for the women who had the audacity (remember the context) to wear pants back when pants were specifically meant for men.  Clothing changed over time, but back then those women were wearing mens clothes.  And by definition that made them crossdressers.

So yes, there is a negative connotation to the term, but the definition still stands.  And I tend to see things in the literal sense.

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I’m not sure why anyone should concern themselves with all of this.  I’m glad that I spoke to my wife about wearing a bra.  It’s for my comfort first and appearance second.  I’ve been wearing a bra for almost a year and it’s been the best decision for me.  I didn’t realize how much my breasts moved and jiggled after I started wearing a bra.  If I’m braless and walk around, there’s a lot of movement.  
If my body were to ever change to a point where I need different tops, pants or underwear from women’s section, then that’s what I’ll do.  I’m a man and present as male.  I just need support for my C cup breasts. 

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It's just terminology, not something to be insulted or offended over. The fact that comfort is one of the reasons for cross-dressing puts it in a different category than transvestism. 

I think it's cool for a guy to wear a woman's bra. It shows he's secure with his sexuality. I feel bad for a guy just deals with pain and discomfort because he can't bear put on a bra. Or he doesn't realize that relief is so within reach.  


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