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I'm 6'4 about 270 which is overweight obviously. I am active in the gym and I'm trying to combat my fat and gyn. The problem I'm having is I'm getting a great deal of sweat under my chest and the appearance of big manboobs is a haven for bad attention. I constantly get stared at by the women when I'm out of the locker room on the machines. I have a similar work out schedule with my old high school super intendant and he's constantly trying to talk or watch me change clothes before and after my workout. Do I say anything or to I just feel uncomfortable? Anyone else have similar experiences?


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I have a moderate case of gynecomastia and have experienced similar issues at the gym (local university).  Machines are boring and people stare at something while working out be it a TV or someone else.  There is not much to be done about the looks. Being pleasant and friendly helped me and generaly got the same response from others.  The work out atmosphere/experience went much better. 

As for the other issue, try adjusting your start schedule by + or - 15 min. or more.  I started my workout when the gym opened in the morning at 6AM.  I did not have to deal with many people that early in the morning.

Best regards.

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I have gone to the gym and wore a sports bra to work out in and really had no real comments good or bad most people were so resolved into themselves they barely noticed or they were to afraid to say something im not sure , im ok with myself so any comments I get I deal with on an individual basis .I did have one trainer tell me in the past that if you have boobs and want to build the chest area it would be best to keep the area supported.

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Probably all in your head.  The super is probably comfy in a locker room and talking to you because he knows you.  If you say anything to him then it will become awkward for sure.  Ever play hockey?  Standing around naked in a locker room talking is quite normal.  As for the women, who cares?  Wear a hat, put your head down and focus on your exercise.  Trust me, I'm a gym rat and EVERYONE there has their own insecurities - including me.  Just don't look like a douche - meaning wear a decent loose T-shirt and don't tuck it in.  No spandex or cra-z-wear either.  lol.  

Google Scooby - he has an amazing website full of free workout and diet advice.

Quick edit - White t'shirts hide sweat better.  Avoid bright colors. 

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Maybe you can wear thin sweater I wear mine just zip it up and wear it also I wear tight tang tops underneath my shirts I get me at target get a size that will fit tight in you trust me I feel better and more confident

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When I went to H.S., P.E. Was a daily thing for the whole time you were in school. That meant two changes. of clothes daily. Once at the start of P.E. and the other including a shower at the end of P.E. Obviously not a fun time for me. What helped was that the wrestling coach signed me up for wrestling without me knowing. At first I thought he was terribly cruel for doing that, but as soon as it got around that I could hurt a person the torment stopped. The bullies looked for other victims. As it turned out, that coach was really a great help.

Most people are dealing with their own insecurities and they really do not notice your condition at all. If they do call attention to you, It is usually to deflect attention away from themselves. Watch them carefully and find out what they are hiding, Then you'll have the leverage needed to stop any teasing.
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