Author Topic: Does Your Girlfriend/Wife Like Your Gyne?  (Read 50837 times)

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Let me first recognize that this is a Gyne Acceptance forum, because I'm surprised to read comments from guys who are contemplating surgery etc.; I'm not because I'm ok having breasts... B cup going on C at present.

My wife only partly believes it is gyne (I definitely have breast tissue in there, prominent nipples, etc, and they are still growing).

She's always been physically affectionate lady.  She can hardly keep her hands off my breasts.   I'm okay with that (duh!).

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At first I was scared of what my gf would think when she saw me without a shirt. One day I decided to show her and she accept it me the way I was. It's been two years now and she loves my right big breast :-).
ditto. my GF loves them.


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In reality, breast are very natural both on men and woman! Just some got the big ones and some don't!

 Its like hair on the head, some got a lot, some a little and some not at all!

Some go get the hair transplants, some live with the bald head and some even shave the head! And we all know about what some do about the man boobs, some live with them and some get them cut off.

A good woman can accept her man no matter what is on the outside! What matters in what is on the inside! That works both ways as well, gentlemen!

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Hello gentlemen,

I am actually happy to see that this thread is still alive. I am back to dating 2 ladies down from 3, I introduced one of the ladies to a colleague of mine some time ago and now they are about to tie the knot. I am torn between being the best man or the maid of honor ???.

 ;D Life is more interesting and stranger than anyone can imagine.

I am still a 38C and the ladies I have dated and those I am currently dating could care less about my breasts and neither do I.

If someone has a problem with his breasts, get the surgery and take your chances, who knows you might be Ok. Then again you might be worse off than you are now.

You make your decision and you take your chances.



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