Author Topic: Where to go in Europe? (Quality/Cost)  (Read 1813 times)

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i am 20 year old, had gyno since i was 13 years old; from the UK
i go to the gym in an attempt to improve my physique in hope my gyno will look slightly better, its a no brainier if you enhance muscle on shoulders,back, arms, etc... gyno may be disguised as pecs... or most certainly not look at bad as the size will hopefully be in proportion to your muscular body. 
its mild but in all honesty puffy nipples is my chests biggest down fall. nipples protrude my top and it looks terrible, when nipples are erect it look like solid pecs!

I NEED THIS REMOVED! in my profession i am only a trainee at the moment however its a great opportunity in a great career path; right now i get paid peanuts but i am willing to get a bank loan to get this removed. 


Thanks in advance guys!


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Poland is your best bet. Here's some links to some places in Poland.
I personally chose Europe Surgery with Dr Adam Kaleciniski for various reasons.
Hope you get rid of your Gyne soon.

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Your young. Save and get it done in the uk by someone with elite credentials.
I'm currently sat here deformed. Spent 2k on the first op then 1k on revision in Poland and I'm now having to save 4-5k for corrective surgery in the uk. It's your body you only get one. Don't cut corners mate


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