Author Topic: Ready for surgery (Dr. Clark) but I need to keep it a secret (few Q's here!)  (Read 2023 times)

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Hey guys, I've been careful with my student loan this term and have enough to get surgery done in Poland by Dr. Clark at the start of the new year. Since it is going to cost a fair bit of cash, and the fact it is a pretty embarrassing condition, I won't be telling my family about the surgery.

I received a form to fill in by Jeremy and it asks for my Passport number. Sorry for the dumb question, but is it possible I will receive a letter through my family home because of this? I am planning on using my university address to keep this whole op a secret, but I'm still pretty paranoid that someone will find out. Also, does the clinic send any kind of forms or tickets through the post?

Last question. Do British Citizens need a Visa to fly to Germany? I searched online but it was pretty vague.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi keebi,

No they won't inform your family or send anything through the post.  And you don't need a visa to visit Germany or Poland.

Just have a think about telling your family or at least somebody so you have somebody for support etc.  There is no need to feel embarrassed although I do understand why.

Look after yourself, there's nothing to worry or be embarrassed about.


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I agree with zack42, 60% of men will get gyne at some point in their life so it is very normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. You may need a little extra help after the surgery and I would bet you will get nothing but support. I'm one of the older guys that have learned to live with my big breast and I get nothing but support from my family.

Good luck with your surgery and the future as well.


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I got my gyno op done by Dr Clark back in September.

The only person I told before I left was my gf and my best mate, just in case something went wrong. None of my family new. My Dad is a doc and I didn't want to have to explain myself to him if I'm honest.

I never received ANYTHING by post from Dr Clark. Everything is done by email.

Since I had it done, my whole family knows. I told them because once it was gone I wasn't embarrassed at all. My mum was a nurse so she took my stitches out.

If you are recovering from the surgery at home, they will most likely notice your restricted movement, bulky vest etc. You may be better off just telling them.


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