Author Topic: Katarzyna Ostrowska-Clark or Adam Kalecinski  (Read 2229 times)

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Who is better between the two?
is there a difference in the way they operate? (i.e, going via nipple or armpit?)

Any differences would be great. I can see this being a big thread for those deciding as these are the two to choose from in Poland!

Thanks in advance for the input


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I'm 9 days post op with Adam. He makes small cut under the nipples and removes gland and fat under general anaesthetic. You'll stay one night in the clinic and then you can stay in a hotel for a few days afterwards going in for a check up and replace dressing every day. You're looking at about £1400 for the surgery, maybe a little more if its a complicated procedure. He's on the British medical council as a specialist so he's pretty legit.


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