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Well guys, after trying 2 find a cheap and easy way to conceal gyne/puffy nipples i think ive done it. I work at a sportstore here in Canada called sportchek. Recently i realised, hey....who needs a compression vest when u can get muscle shirt underarmor t-shits. They are cheap (15-30$) and they last about 1 year before they begin to strech out. I bought myself 5, 2 black, 2 white, and a blue...and believe me, they REALLY conceal the problem. Not only do they tighten your look, they make you look thinner  :D ANyways, its worked great for me, ive been wearing a t-shirt overtop of them every day now and i love it. Sure it may not help if you take your shirt off, but going off into public places its great. Give it a try, maybe it will work for you. PS make sure to get it a very small size! it has to be tight!  ;D



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