Author Topic: Taking the plunge with Dr. Lista - anymore advice out there?  (Read 16374 times)

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Dondante, thank you for your post as i am a new member and reading these forums for the first time.  I am simultaneously reading on Braveboy's experience and I hope to gain as much wisdom from it as you did.  I want to say i appreciate everyone for posting their advice, and experience as it is helping me with some decisions. 

I am looking for a doctor to perform the surgery.  I have only seen Dr. Lista several months back, but thought it to be rather expensive (i was quoted at $6000), and could not afford it, even with lending.  I have opened up to my family and they have agreed they can lend me the money. 

Although I am new, i will spend the rest of my free time reading the entire Canadian forum to gain some knowledge. 

Question:  I have read in another post that Dr. Fielding the glandular removal is covered by OHIP.
Have you heard of this?  Dr. Lista did not mention this to me, so im wondering if this cost already includes the savings or is there something i am missing?

Thanks again everyone!


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Hi RealCanadian,

I had surgery this past week with Dr. Lista.

You are correct in that the costs are substantially lower with Dr. Fielding.  Not only is the gland excision covered, so are other hospital related costs, including anesthesia.

Unfortunately, those costs are not covered by OHIP for Dr. Lista.  I had to pay the full $6300 out of pocket.

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Hey Realcanadian,

welcome to these boards! Monsterclean is right, the cost is much higher with Dr. Lista because he performs the surgery in his private clinic. It is a completely private procedure. Dr. Fielding uses hospital facilities and the gland excision element is covered by public health. Dr. Fielding comes with very high praise in these boards. Apart from the price, the main difference between Dr. Lista and Dr. Fielding is their surgical method. They have different surgical methods. The main difference is that Dr. Lista excises the gland through the same incision he uses to lipo, while Dr. Fielding while make a lipo incision, and separate incisions at the nipples to excise the gland from there. Some people, myself included, are willing to pay the much higher price of going with Dr. Lista to avoid potential scars on our nipples. Otherwise they are both very good, very reputable and very experience gyne surgeons.

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I think dondante's post was a good summary of the similarities/differences of Dr Fielding and Dr Lista.

Both seem to achieve great results, just get there in different ways!


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