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So after calling many Calgary surgeons i can only find two that will do the procedure and have Alberta Health Care cover it. This is pretty damn sad as i am pretty sure all other surgeons wont let AHC cover it because they wont make as much money. So i booked two consultation dates, one with Dr Haugrud and another with Dr George Hamilton. I would like to go with Dr Haugrud because of all the great things i hear the only problem is that my consultation is booked for april 6 2009 and it would take about 9 months after that before i can recieve the surgery.
The good news is Dr Hamilton can see me in January and can do the surgery shortly after that. Im a little worried that he might not have the experience and might leave scarring but i really want to get the surgery done and over with soon so i can get on with my life.

So does anyone know of any other surgeons in Calgary (or within a couple hours of Calgary) who will do the surgery und Alberta health care? also, do you think it is better to wait out the year and half and get the surgery done by Dr Haugrud who everyone who speaks so highly of, or to get it done by Dr Hamilton who i know little about but in all fairness might be just as good?
Has anyone had surgery with Dr Hamilton before?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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There is another doctor as well.  His name is Dr. Shraag.  I haven't booked my apoointment, but another member here had his surgery thru him. 

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There is another doctor as well.  His name is Dr. Shraag.  I haven't booked my apoointment, but another member here had his surgery thru him. 
Ya I've heard of this guy but is it possible to find his number anywhere? Probably a good thing because then there wont be a 1.5 year waitlist

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dr shraag 4032155155

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just want to make sure if this is Dr. hamiltons right phone and address? thanks

Hamilton George D DrHamilton George D Dr

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101-7 Glenbrook Place SW
Calgary, AB T3E 6W4

(403) 571-3135‎

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on the 1.5 year wait.... personally i think its worth it. i just had my surgery with haugrud last week and from what i can tell, hes done a great job. its only been a week so its hard to tell fully, but i was really happy when i first saw everything with the bandages and drains removed.
just some swelling now, which is normal when you have this surgery.

i opted to wait because i rationalized i'd waited up to now, why bother settling for an unknown surgeon, or some not as experienced? plus i had life come in the way in between so i didnt really have a choice.

choice is yours, but talk to as many surgeons as possible.

good luck

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That is a tough call..............I had my surgery with Haugruud almost 2 years ago and he is a great doctor.  My brother is now having the same surgery, he just had his consult with haugruud and was told the standard 9 months wait-so I have forwarded him the info of the other two doctors in Calgary so he can make a decision.  It is tough to wait for something like this when you could do it with another doctor much faster-but then there is the unknown factor of who these other doctors are and how good their work is.  Almost would be easier to only have one option so the decision would be made for you!  I am so glad I had it done, I can wear any shirt without worrying about puffy nipples and can understand the impatience to have it done quicker with another doc-we all have waited so long, and to wait that much longer is painfull.  Just do your research and go with your best instincts!


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