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Hey all, im still in university so im covered up my parents SunLife benefits plan, and I was wondering if anyone has had any success with private insurance covering partial or all the costs for gyne surgery. Been researching for the past 10 years ever since I saw doctor "removed doctor"'s video on Youtube when I was 13, around the same time I developed the gyne. My weight has went up and down, more down recently since i've been hitting the gym and cardio on and off since 2012. Currently 23, 24%body fat 224lbs, 5'11, last drastic drop was from 270-224 in about 5 months on and off. The tissue around my areola area is quite large, but my areolas are normal size. I've always had moderate pain in the area especially when pressing against my chest since I sleep on my stomach, was also very hard to hit touch and go PR's when benching heavy. Thanks in advance, I am particularily aiming too see Dr. Fielding in Toronto, but hes out of the clinic until August 2nd. Emailed Dr. Lista, and they want $6500 for the surgery. Thanks in advance for any input you have.



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