Author Topic: Oh happy day! Fielding is the MAN!  (Read 1292 times)

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Well....after deciding to book surgery with Lista and finding out a week befoe surgery that my platelets were too low for him to comfortably do it, my dreams of no gyno were crushed. 

However, I saw Dr. Fielding today and expressed my concerns with my blood and he said it was no problem!! Sweeeet!! The dream is still alive!!  Now just have to book a date!!!  Not bad, and I save about 2K too!


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Awesome dude...

Congrats!!!!   ;)

Surgery: February 16, 2005. - Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Surgeon: Dr. John Craig Fielding   M.D.   F.R.C.S. (C) (416.766.8890)
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