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Wondering how all your consults/surgeries have gone with Haugrued in calgary?

My consult was quick and to the point. He took hold of em, squeeze squeeze, and told me I needed bot excision and lipo. Thank god the expense is covered by our amazing health care system!

I have my surgery in November, which gives me enough time to inform my parents, and get as lean/muscular as possible. This will defintiely help with him being able to see the contours much better.

Any experiences? All of them are totally worth sharing, not only for us, but for our fellow lurkers :D

Congrats on those of you who have been brave enough to undergo surgery, and I hope that its everything you wanted!


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I had Haugrud about a year ago.

The treatment/care/facilty couldnt be better, the nurses were great.

2ish months isnt that much to loose all your fat, but do the best you can.  The leaner you are going into the surgery, the better the results will be.  The only thing I was not 100% happy with was the fact that since this is covered 100%, it is still a public, teaching hospital.  Haugrud does one side, and a training plastics surgeon under Haugruds supervision does one side.  My case was such a huge improvement, but if you look closely, you can tell who did what side.

Any more questions you can post them here or pm me and I'd be glad to do my best to answer them.


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